Tracking Shot: Why We Wait


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TRACKINGSHOT investigates frontier spaces through art practice and cross-disciplinary research.

Trackingshot.1 Desert Sessions took place in the California Mojave Desert in April 2017

Over two weeks live artworks were broadcast daily from A-Z West directly to viewers desktop/mobile device as a transmitted interruption. Associate collaborators Chris Fite- Wassilak, Ellen Mara De Wachter and Jonathan Griffin contributed texts in response. All artworks and essays are archived and freely available via this website.

Enroute to the Mojave Desert, artists embarked on an investigative roadtrip to explore the relationship of the desert to the body, time and production. Artist field notes have been uploaded onto an online directory, as a performative test site for the production of 14 live broadcast artworks,

Trackingshot artists are Rebecca BirchLeah CapaldiGeorge CharmanAdam Knight and Rob Smith, Desert Sessions is the first chapter in our project.

Project partners are:
Field Broadcast
Andrea Zittel, A-Z West
Focal Point Gallery
Art Licks

TRACKINGSHOT 1. Desert Sessions is funded by:
Arts Council England
Lancaster University
University for the Creative Arts