Adam Chodzko – A Wild Seen

In spring 2021, Adam Chodzko commissioned a text responding to four works, including Ghost (2010-ongoing), a kayak the artist uses to take people on voyages to visit the dead; the recent video works ‘O, you happy roots, branch and mediatrix’ (2020) and ‘Thru hole I blind/O/Thru hole oui see’ (2020); and ‘The Return of the Fleet Spring Heads’ (2021), an audio-guided walk around the town of Northfleet on the Thames. The resulting text, ‘A Wild Seen’ weaves together my experience of journeying in Ghost in 2018 and walking in Northfleet in 2021 and responses to the video works.

Download it here

You can view online versions of the videos on Adam Chodzko’s website

Adam Chodzko, Ghost (2010-) as part of Groundwork festival in Cornwall, 2018. Photo: Steve Tanner