benandsebastian – Speaking for the non-human

In summer 2021 Delfina Foundation in London commissioned an interview with the duo benandsebastian (Ben Clement (b. UK) and Sebastian de la Cour (b. Denmark), to discuss their recent work ‘Silent Parties’ (Tavse Parter, 2021) for the Court of Aarhus in Denmark, which they initiated shortly before their residency at Delfina in 2019. We spoke about their research into historic legal cases involving animal and machine defendants, the increasingly fragile line between humans and non-human entities and what Ben and Sebastian get from working together.

Read the interview online here

Find out more about benandsebastian’s work here

benandsebastian, Silent Parties (Tavse Parter), 2021. Installation view. Court of Aarhus, Denmark. Photo David Stjernholm