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Ellen Mara De Wachter’s yoga teaching draws on more than twenty years of yoga practice, and her interest in yoga philosophy, anatomy and the restorative effects of yoga. Her classes emphasize the simple pleasure of breath-led mindful movement. She welcomes people of all abilities with a practice that offers a space to tune in to what is going on in the body, mind and emotions. The aim is to help people find stillness and energy on the mat so they can reconnect with the world around them. Her teaching acknowledges the vast breadth and depth of yoga, a system that incorporates physical, mental, spiritual and ethical practices, which has its roots five millennia ago in South Asia, has developed thanks to a long lineage of teachers, and continues to be explored through contemporary scientific research into the effects of embodied mindfulness practices. In summer 2020 she completed an RYS-accredited 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training under the guidance of Naomi Annand, founder of Yoga On The Lane in East London, and Adam Hocke.